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Welcome to Hell

chemistry is your friend

Hell on earth
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This community was designed for the sole purpose of helping us get our act together in chem. It's proven to be hard to find a way outside of the classroom that we can get in touch with eachother so this site is mainly here to eliminate that problem. the basic rules are:

1. dont give any answers, things that look like answers, looking like cheating plagerizing or anything else that can get my sorry butt in trouble.
2. The idea is to get help with anything that u need, so dont hesitate to ask questions.
3. If it all possible please post on here your email and your AOL IM screen name.

Anything else is fair game. Feel free to ask questions about a lab, what the home work is etc.

Danielle and myself (danni) are the moderators for this, which basically means if anything comes up that can get us in trouble we can deleate it, but other than that means nothing. If you have any questions about how to post or anything my sn is Thusanimpass and danielle can be found at WutDestroysU.

She and i are going to be making the basis of this site. we will post homework, due dates, and anything else you need to you. please correct us if we get anything wrong and feel free to post anything of your own! have fun!
ap chemistry, homework, lab writeups, ms ray, perodic table, powerpoint, science, stanton, work, working through lunch